More profile options for Snap!

I think this would be cool if we got


Profile Picture like the subforums

Maybe Animated Profile Pictures?

Some of this stuff is already seen on the subforums but accounts on the Snap! website just look bland so i think if had at least a bio for the snap! website that would be cool because not everyone uses the subforums.

Well, if you want to learn more about someone, just visit their profile on the forum. They might have an "About Me"!

Agreed here.

I thought you could already add a .GIF or animated image as your profile picture, at least on the forums. Am I mistaken? Anyway, I think this would be great if there ended up being profile pictures on the main website.

i guess.

I'm agreed

We're going to get around to this, but have more urgent problems about the website.

I agree.

Bugs n’ glitches

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