More logic gates: NAND, XOR, XNOR, NOR

Logic gates are essential. So, it makes sense we finish the collection. It's gonna be a quick addition, but if it's already in a library, tell me. I'm too lazy to check at the time of posting this. Even if these gates are in a library, Snap! needs to add them as a primitive. Just a suggestion.

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Side comment: This is the first time I've seen the abbreviation XNOR, which (if I'm understanding correctly) is the same operator as =.

All the other Boolean operators can easily be defined in terms of the ones we have, e.g.,
untitled script pic
Sometimes we add as primitive something that could be written in Snap! itself because it's a lot faster as a primitive, but that's not the case here. And writing them is an exercise in BJC. :~)

A more advanced exercise: Write a function BOOLEAN that takes a truth table as input and reports the corresponding dyadic predicate, so for example

would report an equivalent function to AND.

Then you can have all 16 dyadic Boolean operators!

How many Logic Gates are there IRL? The only ones I know are the AND gate, the NOT gate, the NOR gate, the OR gate, and the NAND gate

If you're talking about hardware, I don't think anyone makes anything as low-level as a Boolean gate anymore. Maybe you can still buy an Arithmetic-Logic Unit (ALU), but most likely you have to get the whole CPU now.

We don't include the Boolean operators for the sake of simulating hardware; we have them to support complicated test conditions in IF and friends.

In my youth the best scientific computer (≈$2M) was the DEC PDP-10, which had all 16 Boolean operators as machine language instructions. :~)

XNOR is "eXclusive Not OR". Its truth value is:

. F T
F | T F
T | F T

So, you are correct in saying:

I'm a teacher; I'm always right. :~)

Almost always. After all, nobody can be always correct.

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That's to prevent stupid Discourse turning them into emoji. Smileys are an opportunity for creativity; people keep inventing new kinds, such as the use of 8 either for eyeglasses or for propeller beanies, and the wonderful ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ shrug. Emoji are entirely lazy, apart from the people at places like Apple who draw them. The original idea of sideways ASCII-art was a brilliant piece of creativity!


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Seems like </span> can negate a lot of css.

It works! :)

In words:
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Bc discourse uses span a lot

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