More Keys

It would be nice to have more keys, such as periods, slashes ( / and \ ), etc.

We do have the "any key" option, but so far no way to find out which key it was. That should be fixable. Thanks for suggesting it!

If you put a join block in the <key [] pressed?> block and type "/" in the join input, it will work:untitled%20script%20pic
However, this only works for the Sensing predicate block, not the Control hat block.

Now i kinda wish we still had likes.

You can always use the generic when block, though:


Can anybody explain how and why does this work?

Since (join [a string]) returns a string, you can use it to get an arbitrary string into a read-only slot.

I've made a block for my keys pressed in order block, and it's basically just key[v] pressed, but it's not readonly and you can just put right for right arrow (works with all the arrow keys) and you can just do any for any key.

However you can't put the keys pressed in order block in the when hat block. If you want the keys pressed in order, go to my public page and it's there. Sorry I don't have the link to it, and I've been on my ipad for a few days, so I can't make any projects (I can, but it's really hard since it crashes once I have about 7 blocks or less)

Is it possible to differentiate between the 'normal' numbers and the num-pad numbers?

Not with the WHEN __ KEY PRESSED block. Of course you can roll your own in Javascript.