More basic block implementations/ submenus

This is for some more block inplmentations
Just basic drop-down menu things like
Istead of having a ton of different things in the “my” block they would be multi menus

(This isn’t finished because there are way to many options but you get it)

Basic things like this would make coding a lot faster because before you needed to search the huge drop down for it, now it’s more simple
Having a few more basic options like the object block being able to report the stage reguardless of its name, instead of “my stage”
And inside the block, if you have anchored sprites they would appear as a list as well separately from the block (maybe)
Not having more options in the “current” block is kind of a missed opportunity, it having such a generic name from scatch and then only making it time based. And not expanding on it

This would also push some blocks into dev mode because it replaces their use
Okay let me explain some of these
All of these would behave as if they are outside of a custom block, so if you for example report the current block stack, it wouldn’t report the block definition, it would report the script that called the custom block
Stack would report the entire block stack it’s inside of
Run reason (kinda not needed) would report why the block was run, instead of reporting just call it would report the reason why the block was ever run at all
If there’s an if statement it would report the if block, it’s input, and every block before it. (Again this is really complex)
Script variables would report a list of each script variables name and what it is set to in a table
Block would report just the block that called it, like if it’s inside of a move steps input it would report itself inside of move 10 steps
Ring would report the ring that the block is in if it is called

This is a huge suggestion and would require a lot of work
But at the very least separating the “my” block into sub categories would be very nice

At least a few of the options you're advocating for can be made easily in Snap!.
For example, current (sprite pressed) can be implemented as
untitled script pic - 2023-04-24T093730.932

Some of the other features you're asking for are solved with the following block (available in the 9.0 dev version):
Screenshot 2023-04-24 9.38.52 AM

I wouldn’t exactly call that simple

The basic idea of turning that very long menu into a readable one by using submenus is something I've wanted for a long time. Jens didn't want to do it, partly because implementing submenus is nontrivial. But now that we have a submenu in SET, maybe he'll be willing to reconsider.

Most of the other stuff you want is handled by the metaprogramming features in a better organized form than what you have. (That's not a putdown; we've spent a long time thinking this through and you've just come to it.)

Good to know!
Especially with each update just adding more and more, having organized menus would help a ton with finding what you need
For now though it should be as simple as making the menu yourself and making the definition the my block with its input as the variable

How to get this block? I saw an article about it on the Scratch Wiki.

Run the dev (development) version:

Why would it be on the scratch wiki? It's not even scratch, much less, it's not in a full release yet. What article are you talking about?

Thank you!

I mean article Snap! In-Development Features from the Snap! page on the Scratch Wiki:

I don't see any reference to it, so I'm asking.

Oh, ok.

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