Moon Landing Simulator!

I made a game where you can land on the moon. It's incredibly laggy, but its still pretty fun to play.
Took me a few hours to make

Must be at a level angle (Where your landing legs are fairly level with the ground), and have a descent less than 6 u/s.

Up Key (or) Space = Ignite
Right Key = Turn Right
Left Key = Turn Left

An @calculator production!!!!


Fixed a bug where the background would have 100% brightness. Have no idea why it happened, but, i fixed it

Very hard (not landed yet!) :slight_smile:

One thing, the plume still shows if I'm out of fuel

Huh, ill go fix that

Ta :slight_smile:

Made it down - just!!!! :slight_smile:

Love a Moon Lander simulator

Particularly liked the shadow :slight_smile:

Thanks! Good Job!!!

I added an Easter Egg where you landed!!!!


Screenshot 2022-06-03 11.44.51

Hi, good project !

The lag seem to come from these sprites:

watch inside the costume from text block and try to make it multi-line instead to run it in 6 sprites evety .1 seconds...

Not an easter egg anymore, huh?

lol, that's why it in a hide details tag
well, for anyone that didn't read the forum post, i guess it would be a nice surprise if they ended up landing there.

First try!

Lucky. I literally was caught off guard when I realized that the u/second counter for the "Descent" variable could go up, at a fast rate too. At that point it was already too late.

I think someone (who has the capacity and brain to make it) should make a fully fledged Spaceflight Simulator. Kind of like Kerbal Space Program or Spaceflight Simulator (A mobile game in case you are wondering) but 2D...and...yeah. I think you understand.

Hardly. I was just keeping Descent under 6 when I thought I was close.