Mobile support?

I know that mobile supports the editoe
But Snap doesn't really suppirt mobile, see: I can't see the spirte section

Sorry for bad grammar, I can't really see the text input part on mobile

Yes, we know, Snap! is barely tolerable on a tablet, and extremely painful on a phone. Mobile support is on our list but is nontrivial; the good news is that various people other than us have done some work on it, and maybe it'll come together. But otherwise it'll be at least the fall before we can begin thinking seriously about it.

When I try to open Snap! on my phone, the app just crashes, so I don't have the problem. :wink:
But maybe try to minimize the stage while coding...

I think it updated? Because on the iPad AND Samsung Tablet it’s great! And my tablet is slow

Glad to hear it!

Oh I think it doesn’t really support your device because the size of where devs can put stuff isn’t fully visible cuz the white bar is in the way but sites and stuff probably can’t detect that so

as a result snap thinks the screen is fully visible and stretches to the size that isn’t fully visible

and strange enough it looks likes the text can?

if your asking for forums support i think the forums are supported,but it'd be difficult to translate the editor into mobile