Mobile app view of Snap projects

I would like to run a scratch project in the classic portrait orientation of my cellphone, like a phone app. I changed the Stage size but, when I open the link

the stage doesn't shrink to fit the screen area.

If I "pinch" the screen I can unzoom the Stage and the project perfectly fit the screen area.

Is it possible to have the project automatically fit the screen area? Is it possible to avoid that the buttons (greenflag etc) are shown and have the project run automatically?

Any feedback/ideas?

Maybe this thread can help

Ok, I have read the manual :grin:

So, I "discovered" that I can run a project with special flags, such as

The project, in my browser's PC, will run automatically and won't show the buttons (even if it seems that the space of the buttons is still "wasted", by leaving an empty area). The fact is that this link, that correctly shows running the project in my PC, doesn't work in my iphone: I just see an empty stage and a black, still turtle at the center of the Stage:

I see it after having pinched the screen, otherwise what I see is the following:

Any suggestion?

(I didn't clarify that my previous post is because the link you suggested, i.e.

still shows some wasted space around the stage, as in

A while ago, I made a viewer for projects made in 300x400 so that it was easy to use them on mobile phones. The downside is that, of course, it requires the project to be made in a 300x400 resolution.

Yes, of course. I had seen your viewer. But it still has buttons and green flag. Can they be removed?

Why do you want them removed? If you remove them, then you can't stop or restart the project.

As I said, I want to create a mobile app with Snap. Apps don't need buttons to start/stop them.

@s_federici always wants to do things differently :slight_smile:

Oops :grin:

The buttons I added can be removed, however, the green flag that shows after the project is loaded doesn't seem to be able to be removed. That was something I was trying to do but wasn't able to.

As shown in the manual, you can autostart a project by using the following URL

Then you can hide the buttons by using the flag "&hideControls"

Any idea how can I do things differently this time?

Sorry no :slight_smile:

Maybe @jens is going to read this post sooner or later :wink:

I know @jens doesn't love (I guess ever?) my suggestions at first, as they make his idea of Snap less clean.

But, in the end, many of them flowed into BYOB and Snap. So, as I'm not in a rush, I'll wait for his suggestion.

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