Missing text input

How did this happen??
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I remember messing around with javascript regarding file imports. I had a script like this:
and clicked it. An error popped up, so I removed the gray block to find out what the error could be about.. Then the "split () by ()" block just sorta.. broke.
Does anyone know what might've happened?

Welcome to Snap!
That bug happened when you drug* a reporter to an input, undid, then redid. I don't know what happened internally to make that happen or if there was/is another way to cause it.

*(I hope a filter doesn't detect this, you know what I mean?)

to make sure the code doesn't get messed up, try not to use undrop and redrop (undo and redo), they're kind of broken.

the undo/redo bug has been fixed. If this happens you can restore the blocks by reloading the project, or by choosing "zoom blocks" and simply acknowledging the current zoom level, which will also refresh the current project.

oh, ok, thanks