Minor issue when searching for a block

When i'm searching for a block contains "clicked, "The "when i receive" block appear in the list...

Well, is there a broadcast that is 'click', 'clicked' or anything similar?

I imagine it's because the when I receive hat contains a green flag in its menu

Making it a feature not a bug :slight_smile:

I was gonna comment on that, but then I found out that the green flag broadcasts something like "shout_go".

Yup, it broadcasts __shout__go__

yes, but that doesnt even have any of the letters in clicked, so why is it showing up?

No idea. But on a related note, if you do type in "shout__go", It doesn't show up. It's actually "green flag clicked" that makes it show up. I guess it isn't a bug.

huh, weird

I think it's because nobody would really type in "__shout__go__" but people would type in "green flag clicked"

oh ig so