MiniComp - First Snap! Collaboration in History (Part 2)

@r4356th @18001767679

  1. Are we still working on this?
  2. Can you add SnapTerminal to the collection?

@bigbrother @snapenilk (in a separate post because I can only mention 2 people in one)
@ HighFlyer222

Oh, right. I forgot about this. What happened to the original thread?

It got deleted when bh killed the #collaborations catetgory.

That's unfortunate.

@bh, is this against the ToU now?


me here just gone for abt 1 mnth so im a ltll l8 sry

@bh I'm not sure if you saw this but:


bh not gonna reply until a year later i think

But this topic will close after a month if nobody replies any more.

@bh Sorry for the ping, but I'm wondering why you aren't responding?

@bh why am I unable to edit my first post? I was trying to move it to the collaborations category...

This has also happened to me before-
The edit button disappears after a while.

I said bh, not me.

I took it the post back sorry

@r4356th bh said that collaborations are allowed. Are we still working on this?

Yes, I will start merging the projects together today. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

On second thoughts, we could just use Smerge?

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