Mini Game Hub (Colab)

Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce that I am starting on a Collaboration for a mini game hub! If you would like to join just say so!

(REQUIRES) You must be active while working on the project and always check the thread, you must know how to use Snap! Correctly, and lastly you must be able to work as a team.

How will it work?
I will be making the starting hub menu then one person at a time will edit it with permission from me. They will then save it and put the link in the thread. I will save the project then the next person updates it. Before editing make sure your using the latest version and there isn't someone else doing it.

Please tell me if there is a team create and that would make it easier.

To help us just say so! I will tell you if you can!

Mini Game ideas: Pong, flappy bird, quiz, base defenders, shoot the target, please let me know if any of you have ideas!

The starting project with the menu will not come out until we have at least 2 people helping.

Rule: Do not disrespect others, do not say bad things about other peoples ideas, and also the standard rules about collaborations, do not break the TOS, and lastly have fun!

What about constructive criticism though?

thats probably ok


do the games have to be multiplayer?

If it isn't to harsh then yes but do not make people feel like they are not good.

No but some will, pong an play against AI, and so can others. But a racing thing could be AI and multiplayer.

So are any of y'all in? If so let me know!


ok i guess now im on 2 things

Yes! I am happy to join in in this colab.

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"bumping" is just postinfg something to mkake it go up in the fourm

Can I make a minigame for the Minigame Hub? I don't have any ideas yet but I will try and hook you up once I have an idea @earthrulerr

I'll like to add penguin racing to the hub

I thought of an idea - It's a game about holding a phone as long as you can without dropping it in a toilet and ruining it. But it's not that simple - it's pretty hard to hold the phone. You have to hold the phone as long as possible.


Another idea - You are a delivery service employee who has to deliver packages as fast as possible. This will be a racing sandbox-like game kind of like Turbo Dismount where you have to build something to complete a mission and deliver the package.

For some levels, you have to make a vehicle.

For some levels, there is already a vehicle and you have to build ramps.

The hard part: There is a money constraint that limits the amount of parts and money you can buy/use


If you want my flappy bird for your mini game, you can get it...
Flappy 1.1

Yees you may.