Mindstorms EV3 request

I have access to a Mindstorms EV3 for a few weeks. Anyone know of anything cool I can do with it, using either Snap! or Scratch? :smiley:

There's an EV3 extension for Scratch, but is there one for Snap!?

Yet another reason we need to hurry up with supporting ScratchX extensions natively in Snap! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just me that can't use the ScatchX website, btw? (I think it's something to do with this issue)

That sounds fantastic!

It's working fine for me at the moment, but I've had plenty of issues with it in the past. The fact that the entire website is just one page, handled by javascript, seems like the cause of many issues. :confused:

Maybe you should ask Joan Guillén, he's helping me in Snap4Arduino and also working in supporting several devices from Snap! by reusing middleware developed by third parties. I'm not sure whether he's worked with EV3, but he's used WeDo for sure.

Actually, I think he should be in this forum, may I invite him? :slight_smile:

Go ahead! [We're not quite certain about the future of these forums yet; but he'd be very welcome here!]

We are working with Arduino... but I documented S2Bot middleware for working with Snap and WeDo.

It's easy to build the Snap blocks for EV3 because S2Bot has an Scratch template for this.

I can do this... I'll try to get an EV3 next week (to verify their proper operation), I'll document this and share it in this forum.