Mind Illusion


Oh, very nice! I love how you're using the Pen for everything, unlike my early attempt from some time ago:


Woah, that is awesome!

I like the project. I was hoping it would work like the one at the Exploratorium where you watch it spin for a minute and then when you look away, everything in your field of view seems to be rushing toward you or away from you depending on the direction of spin. But that didn't happen for me, and I have two theories as to why not: (1) The spiral is too thick, so you don't get many layers on the screen; (2) the turning is a little jumpy, not smooth in time. Maybe you could try improving those. Or does it already work for you?

@jens: That's beautiful. At a certain point it looks like the one that seems to show colors when you spin it, but it doesn't stay in that configuration long enough. Instead it's sort of like a Moiré pattern, with the sudden shift to a different perceived shape at certain moments.

I wouldn't know if that thing works where you vision changes, hypnotizing things don't work on me because my eyes don't work in a certain way (my eyes are adjusted probably but the don't frame together). I just made the project for fun