MIDI to Snap! play note blocks

Is it feasible is it to for somebody to create a program that converts MIDI files to XML with Snap! play note blocks? Maybe one sprite for each channel, and multiple scripts for chords.

please note that snap has only 4 instruments

That shouldn't matter, should it?

what about strings, brass, and tons of other instruments. Wait, there is a way, use sounds and change the pitch, well, make it play music.

Snap! does not have these instruments.

I know, that's why you use sounds, and change their rate, not pitch.

I wasn't talking about play sound blocks; I was talking about

well, then the music won't really sound good, oh and btw, like scratch, clones can have their own instrument.

Okay, I see your point now.

I made this https://snap.berkeley.edu/project?user=bigbrother&project=music

What if all of the instruments were sine waves? Would it still sound bad?

sort of