Midi Player UPDATE 1

I have been updating the midi player and decided to post an update message
Added memory allocation for the visualizer.
Added note velocity support
Better UI
Hope you like it

Great job! It's super cool.


Just so you know, I think it's too big to be run on the forum.
error message
It works fine when I click the "see code" button.

It Becuase snap is down and it will be up in a few

Its Back Up
Screenshot 2024-02-29 1.42.49 PM

Oh, sorry. I didn't know that it was still down (and apparently it's up again).
Very nice project.

If You want to play something real cool here an midi folder also I cant add them Becuase of the storage limit Midis

I think that means that the team disconnected the back end, seeing how it says "reserved for superuser connections".


I fixed the midi files in the drive