Middle School!

BOF Proposal

Each post in the BOFs category is a proposal for a BOF at Snap!Con 2020. "Birds of a Feather" a loosely organized short sessions around a topic of shared interest to a group. We'll roughly select BOFs with the highest number of votes. Votes indicate your interest in attending a BOF.

What is the title for your BOF?

Middle School!

Who are the speakers presenting?

Dan Garcia is developing a BJC middle school curriculum.
Servane Demol has a Game Design Using Snap! curriculum for middle school.
We hope to have middle school teachers join us to help lead the session.

Abstract: What is this BOF about?

Let's gather Middle School teachers (of students ages 11-13) together, curriculum providers, parents, tool builders, etc. to learn from each other and share resources!

Should attendees bring anything or prepare?