Method to lock the run speed in turbo mode

I want to create a project that is able to perform many small tasks quickly (at a speed above the non-turbo framerate that many blocks are typically locked to in snap!), which turbo mode is very good at doing. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to still perform those calculations quickly, and still reduce the amount of times every second that they are performed, an example of what I am trying to create is in the screenshot below:


This does not do what I am looking for, however, because the amount of time that is spent for calculations each frame (assuming snap runs at 60fps) is more than 1/60th of a second which means it will be slower than 60 fps no matter what is run, and reducing the number still allows for slow executions to reduce the script rate, and fast ones to put it ahead of 60 runs per second.

I believe what I am looking for is like deltatime from other languages, but I don't know exactly how deltatime works so I am not sure.

my 1st idea was something like this: