Messing with 'go inbetween test'

I found this topic and decided to check it out, then I fell into a pit of just messing with it for hours on end, and I guess I stumbled upon a cool movement effect, this could be utilized in games on Snap! maybe...

pretty cool ngl

i am a sucker for easing movement

Yeah, pff, same. It looked really cool so I decided I would share it. I don't think I would have gotten the idea without you though because you made the original project.

i got all my first block ideas from this scratch forum page

I would check it out but Scratch is blocked at my school.

thats dumb. we have turbowarp blocked for ours

The only reason I found Snap! is because Scratch was blocked and I wanted to find an alternative, so funny coincidence I guess.

According to the Snap! Community Guidelines my message "well in my opinion snap is better anyways" is flagged for moderator attention

I found Snap from looking at @oofpaste249's co.mputer once in PE and spent 20 minutes in my 5th period trying to find it, and then I did

i actually had a lot of fun with the distance and midpoint blocks and reporters i made, and i'm glad that i made them :smile:

You should contact the school IT department or administrators and ask them to appeal the ban. Only school administrators and techs can do it, send it to them for a chance. Took my school 5 months but we got unbanned.

Why was this flagged..?

Um...why did you say that? And why did you even edit your post even though it was flagged?

You were comparing Snap! with Scratch.

So, comparing Scratch at all with Snap! is forbidden? I was just saying that they were equals with Snap!..

It is according to bh and jens.

If you want, I can point to a post where he says that he will ban me if I do it (Compare Snap with Scratch or do something like that) one more time.

I saw. But I wasn't being malicious, was just stating a fact of how I feel.

Oh, okay. But if the mods made your comment hidden, that means that it still is inappropriate.

It's against the Forum rules.