Message passing

I know, you won't make all the capabilities of NetsBlox, but can't you at least make message passing?
(I'm sure in the lua library that runs your server, there's something for message passing.)

I don't understand -- we have message passing. That's what TELL and ASK are for.

Message passing, but it's connected to all users running the project.

Oh. That's not as separable as you seem to think from the whole NetsBlox infrastructure.

During SnapCon21 - there was demonstration/proof of concept of message passing between all users of a project using dev version of Snap!

But (and I know that some younger Snappers sometimes don't fully understand this) - it is a BIG child protection issue and could require infrastructure resources that have to be paid for so it might not make it into general use just at the moment

Yeah, that's true, Bernat's social-media project could be a model. Right now he's off duty for a couple of months to take care of his newborn kid. :~)

What is that? I search it but a bunch of "I'm not looking for that!" comes up.

The blocks were experimental - they weren't designed for the rest of us to use

I know you are very keen for Snap! to implement some form of cloud variables/message passing but it is a BIG, BIG step for them to implement and secure and police their usage.

I'd really suggest using netsblox for any multi-user games :slight_smile:

It takes servers and Snap! Already owns servers for the forum and other stuff. They would have to buy more servers for this.

Well, rent more servers. We use cloud virtual servers these days.

Wrong topic.



I would just say "Use NetsBlox" if you want cloud messages. Unless it's blocked, in which case I'm not sure what I'd say.

Two reasons:
A. NetsBlox has a small community so no one would play it.
B. rooms limit it so you can't actually make a multiplayer game.

Grump. As I have already explained more than once, annoying behavior on the part of a partisan of some proposal doesn't help the cause; quite the contrary. We are happy to hear of new ideas, which we evaluate in terms of our goals for Snap! and how they do or don't fit in with our development plans.

I've also explained more than once that we are well aware of NetsBlox and don't need reminders of what it can do, and that we are considering how we might best integrate some of their ideas into the current structure of Snap!.

But that's not going to happen soon, because we can't just take their code and splice it into Snap!, which has changed too much since they forked it.

A: I might.
B: NetsBlox Lesson Messages and Chatroom, page 2->.


In fact, I'm online on NetsBlox right now.

cool. Just a sec.