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Re Escaping equals sign in input slot options

I came back to trying to get JS menus to work and this syntax does



Note it appears to be VERY sensitive to the placement of the ending };} sequence
It can appear to work but then you can't save or you can save but then can't load the project back in

whenever I try to put a "function" in the input slot options, I can't update the custom block, like the apply button doesn't work, and the ok button doesn't close the dialog, and doesn't update the block.

and I apparently can't change the block shape, or the category.

edit: I just found out that the ok button and the apply button do update the block, they just don't update the parameters if they have a menu, or default value.

If you open up the browser console, you'll probably see an error

I suggest copying my example and then alter it one step at a time

I did copy your code exactly, well, I could only go by what's shown in the image, it would be better if you gave me a way to select and copy the text.

Here's what I got

function () {
return {
"=" : "=",
"!=" : "!=".
"<=" : "<="

edit: I just realized there's a period in my code, woops.

another edit: after I removed the period, it worked just fine.

Oops - I meant to post link to example project :frowning:

Done so now in OP :slight_smile:

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