Mechanical Pinball Machine?

We are exploring the possibility of creating a mechanical pinball machine project in which Snap! is used to control solenoids, lights, sensors, and other game elements. Here's a five-second video of a cardstock prototype that we created this afternoon:

Has anyone else developed a mechanical pinball machine using Snap! ?

Not that I know of.

So do you want the pinball machine to control a game, or vice versa (The game to control the pinball machine)?

We'll attach a sensor to the pop-up target so that when a ball knocks over the target, a light will light up and a sound will play. We'll attach a solenoid to the flipper so that when a button is pressed, the solenoid will activate the flipper. The Snap! program will keep score, etc.

So we want a person to play the game, with game actions in response to movement of the ball tracked and controlled by Snap!

I just learned that Birdbrain has a Hummingbird project in which Snap! is incorporated into a pinball project:

The Hummingbird kit is used in an extension of BJC (developed through an NSF initiative, Project ExCite) that incorporates physical computing: