Maybe we can request the TOTM

I think the community should also be able to request the TOTM.

I think it would be cool

maybe think about it.

P.s. I think a good TOTM would be for April maybe with a comedy theme.

The community has requested the TOTM in the past, it would not be anything new.

well i haven't been able to, i've been a member since July 2020

That was not what the request was about.


You were requesting that the community should be able to request the TOTM, not that you should be able to.

well i wasnt just talking about me, I didn't know that the community was able to request it


welcome back

if you read his profile, it says

I did also see that sladescar got banned Never mind.

oh, okay.

So why is he using it now?


well now he knows what it looks like ig

He's not banned. He wouldn't be able to post that way.

You can hide your profile using a toggle switch in the settings.

im not banned lol i axxidently set that

Oooooh. I did not know that. Sorry.

i didnt get banned lmao im a good guy

oh, why was your pf hidden?

i was testing out some features thats all lol


You already can. Also yes April Fools.