May you put etherknox in a the games collection on snap

The question is put this game in the games collection

i am really sorry for asking i thought i would make since that etherknox (a game of mine) would be in the game collection.

Also i put this topic in the "Share your Projects" Collection because i did not know which one to put it in.

anyway sorry for asking


Very good game!

I have some challenges for you (for version 2.0):

  1. The ball should get smaller as it approaches the target
  2. The target could run in a zigzag way from front to back (rappelling and growing)
  3. The rotating arrow at the bottom right could represent the accuracy of the shot. When I shoot and the arrow points to the left, the bullet follows a trajectory a little to the left
  4. The rifle should stay inside the screen. (do not exit to the left or right).
  5. Change the direction of the costume when the sprite changes direction.

thank you i will think about adding these things!