Maximum project size

Is there a maximum project size? Does it depend on the PC memory, on the browser, etc?

for saving to the cloud I think the maximum size is 5 MB. Otherwise there is no maximum size we're enforcing, but some browsers, especially Chrome as of recent versions, sometimes run into hiccups when resources (esp. memory) go down. I'm currently in a - long - effort to reduce Snap's memory footprint - stay tuned!

I had this problem when I tried to save a project that had 5 or 6 sounds in it, it said something like maximum file size is... can't save. and I had to delete all the sounds to make it save. The sounds were long anyway

@Jens, sorry for asking about the prehistory of Snap, but I'm struggling to import BYOB projects to Snap. Does BYOB (I guess this is due to Scratch) store images internally in different formats? I have many BYOB projects, e.g., that are perfectly open in Snap but some images are correctly available, and some are instead empty (I don't see anything if I open the image editor).