Max_client_conn error when viewing project

Hello & good afternoon everyone! I was trying to open a project today when the page showed me this error:

However, when I reloaded the page, this error went away. I am running Chrome 109 on a Chromebook w/ Chrome OS and encountered this error at about 3:00PM Central Time.

EDIT: This may be useful: when the page let me in and I tried to run the project, it turned out the project was not public.

this means your network has issued to many requests and the server is blocking any connections from your network until the cooldown ends.

Weird. I don't know why that would be.

are multiple people using snap on the same network? it appears an administration controls your device, meaning you might be using a school pc, meaning you might be at school.

I don’t believe so, but I would need to ask around.

My impression is that the limit is global, not per subnet. We can only handle so many connections at once. We keep increasing the limit as people hit that message, but it costs money to do so, which is why there's a limit at all.

i get that same error from scratch though when I go visit the site via replit (a lot of people make scratch bots with replit, that's why that error can be viewed from there)

Oh. Well, don't make Snap! bots please.

i dont make bots, 1
2 no one has ever made snap bots
3 no one knows barely any of the endpoints but you guys
I could find all of them if I wanted to, but whats the point

Sorry, I wasn't accusing you, just reacting to your comment about Scratch bots by saying that you plural, Snap! users in general, shouldn't start down that road.

Hello ,one of the reasons that is is because that is my project and it it not shared i have not published that project also it says your username is mine which your logged into a different account so that could be a problem too. Btw for people who don't know ONLY @sladescar was sopposed to open that project to collab with me on it. Ive spent quite a little while on that horror game it was originally created on february 8 and last updated today. I've put tons of work into this project to make it as scary and fun as possible. I create lots of games that may take a while to get finished. IF you want to release the game since i saw you wanted to play it then i will just let me know!

The problem has nothing to do with your game; @pajamaclaws21 is having trouble with the server. If it were your game, the page would be visible with the navbar and everything, but this is a full-screen error directly from the server.

ok! thx