Matrix: A rhythm game made in Snap!

Matrix is a stepmania based rhythm game made entirely within the Snap! programming language.
This is another passion project of mine. I like Friday Night Funkin' and just rhythm games in general, so this was fun to make.

This game will continuously be updated. There is not much to it now, but it is very good.

The game includes:

-A great input system
-Modcharting abilities
-Scroll Speeds
-Hit sounds
-More to come in the future

You can check it out here. I will post updates on the forums whenever updates are made. So I'd appreciate it if you gave it a try!
It may lag if you don't have a decent PC.

If you have any suggestions, you can comment on this post. I always like to hear your feedback.

P.S. The keybinds are DFJK. :sweat_smile:


how do you change them?

There is no feature for that yet. But I will 100% add it in. Maybe in the next update! :slight_smile:

Ok! Also this is super hard to play

Yeah. The charts are auto-generated. I'm also gonna have manual charts. Its gonna improve. Stay tuned, mate!

Ok! Im gonna fork this and make a small mod out of it

Thats great! I always love to see people make stuff out of my creations! Share it with me when your done! I'd love to see it!

I just realised, I've never really made a game. Only OS and blocks and mods.

That's fine! Do you want me to teach you things? I wouldn't mind tutoring you!

Yes, please!

Alright! What are some things you want to know? I'll give you some tips.

Where are the keybinds kept?

Ok, just after reading the reply, I added a patch to make things easier for you to edit. Reload the page if you haven't. Now, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Matrix block category. Then edit the generate strike line block by right-clicking it and pressing Edit.

  2. Look for the block where it sets the "keybinds" variable to a list.

  3. Edit that list inside the block to the keybinds you want. MAKE SURE THEY ARE LOWERCASE.

  4. Press OK.

Thanks! I made a block a while back called 5CScript which uses 5 characters (1, 2, 3 ,4, and -) and when ever is sees any of those characters (- is a wait) it runs a script. Im going to put this is Matrix for custom charts.

Wow! That's a great solution!

I hope you dont mind me asking, but if you do something like that, can I impliment that into the game? I will credit you of course! :>

Legit about to ask you if you could put it in the game. Of course!

Thanks, mate! I appreciate it!

Is there anything else I should tell you?

I dont know, is there anything I should know?


Here are the other things for modding and ajusting.

Modchart Variables

offsetx - changes the offset of the screens x. the more the value = more the screen is to the right.
offsety - the same thing as offsetx, but vertically.
direction offset - the more the value, the more the angle of the arrows. you can use this to make spInNy KeyS!!! 0w0
scroll speed - the higher the value, the faster the notes move in.

<note spawned succesfully?> - if the note was succesfully loaded in, it reports true. only use this inside the block below.
[spawn note matrix] - spawns a random note. you will have to change this if your gonna make custom charting abilitys.
[generate strikeline] - makes strikeline and sets data.

if you need help with ANYTHING else in your modding process, hit me up!