MATH fanart

for my MATH series in snap, i want fanart, the best fanart might go into the first hall of math awards

heres some info about the numbers

1 is a normal number, with the mind of a 16 year old

2 is a comedian, he has a rivalry with 4

3 is a heavy number, he has been banned from several trampolines for breaking them, or flipping the ground upside down

4 is also a comedian, he was a clown for children but after people made the clown emoji a insult, he retired

5 is a normal number, but he got a disability where his voice is echoed

6 is a demon, trying to stop 7

7 is a angel, trying to get rid of 6

8 is a russian, he has a pet bear, this madman literally has a bear, its his best friend

9 is a german, always gets in fights with 8, he is also a lawyer

please follow the TOS and guildlines

What about if each number represents a different species? Looks much more fun to me.

  1. Humanoid, red.
  2. Racoon-like, blue.
  3. Young elephant, metallic as it is heavy.
  4. Low-pitched cat, yellow.
  5. Dog with echo voices, green.
  6. Humanoid that is black-red.
  7. Angel fox in white-orange.
  8. Tiger in orange, perhaps?
  9. Humanoid spammer in grey.

I've made a fan-art for MΛTH 1:

heres the fanart of 8 in my style


the bear is carrying him to a hut somewhere in russia, while hugging him which squishes 8, thats why his face looks like that

three the Heavy Number

Here's three. He is metallic so that's why he's considered heavy.

the upper part of 3 is his nose fyi

The nose looks like a greater than sign (>) is that intentional?

lucky :(