Math comic challenge

See if you can make one in Snap!. Yours can't be any less funny than the examples they give. :~/

Deadline is March 7.

I got an F in math today but I will try

I'm sorry.


i don't want to figure out how to get the point across without words but idea for someone else to take

if you have a graph of something like x^2/x, the graph will have a hole at (0,0) and apparently have no y value
yet the hole is very clearly right there at (0,0) and they always draw it with that y value on the graph

yes calculus limits is relevant and i am intentionally leaving that out

Alas, one of their rules is to avoid using other people's trademarked characters, so no Gobo. (We're allowed to use Alonzo by special permission.)

i have a math test next period that i already failed soo

:alonzo: + :computer: : = :snap:

Wait, how did you fail a test that hasn't happened yet?

And, what is this with everybody failing math tests? You guys should be great at math!

I got a a+ plus in math today

Ah, that's better.

she offered extra time to the people who didnt finish the day before. I did.


Some of the math comics on the web are not particularly funny, but this XKCD web comic is:

Not directly relevant to the math challenge, but what would a math comic enhanced by Snap! look like? For example, would it be animated, have speech, etc.? An example (if anyone has created one) would be helpful. (Thanks)

For example, this replaces the frames of the original XKCD comic with speech bubbles:

I don’t get it because I have never taken a statistics class I’m only in middle school

An A++ that’s amazing your smart

Well, we're great at using calculators to do the math for us.

This is a joke, I don't speak for anyone besides myself

There are lots of funny SMBC ones:

To do the arithmetic. You do the math when you decide which operator buttons to push on the calculator. :~)