Match! Same Game

Welcome to Match!

Match! is a same game (a game where you have to choose on an item with its neighbors having the same item) made in Snap! in level forms.


  1. Choose a level that is colored (not gray, they're locked unless you complete the previous levels).
  2. Click "Play".
  3. Choose a dot where at least one of its neighbors have the same color. All of the neighbors with that color will disappear. New dots will appear from the top and fall. If none of its neighbors have the same color, it does nothing. To go back, choose "Back."
  4. Read the tasks and complete tasks to complete the level.
  5. Once you've completed the level, you can play the next level.


  • Colored (as normal) -- When these dots are touched where at least one of their neighbors have the same color, all neighbors and itself will disappear.
  • Dark-gray -- Wild dot. When a neighbor is disappearing, they'll always disappear.
  • Black, large -- Bomb. When it is triggered by a disappearing dot, it will disappear and all nearby dots with the same color as the color chosen by the player will disappear.


  • Uncolored levels are levels that are locked. To unlock and play those levels you'll have to play the previous levels that are unlocked. Otherwise, they're unlocked and can be played.
  • Pink-to-red levels are levels that are harder than usual in the range. You'll have to think harder for these.

It’s mobile-friendly! Awesome. However, I was a bit confused when it told me the level was clear and I couldn’t move on to Level 2. I had to use all my moves before I unlocked level 2…

I beat all the levels first try! Very good game.
Rating: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: (5/5 Stars)

Now moves will be converted to score once level is clear.

WOW! Amazing game!

New Update!

In this new updated, I've added levels 11-15, introducing purple dots. Hope you can clear all levels!

what does the purple dot do?

purple dots have no special effect
they do a similar way red, yellow, green, and blue dots do


In this new update, I added levels 16-20 and in level 17 and beyond, there will be a large, gold dot that causes the current move's score to be doubled when triggered. Try yourself!


In this new update, I added levels 21-25 with powerful dots scoring millions! You can give it a try!