Map Expansion

The zone of a game is about -250x to 250x and -150y to 150y. Is there any way to make the playable area bigger? If not, I think I have ways to make it seem bigger, like how users make it look like they have made a website.

You can change the stage size through the settings menu. See the reference manual, page 114.

Now that I've tried it, maybe making a big map isn't a good idea.

You could make a scrolling one

You can also change it dynamically using the “getters and setters” library with a list block input

I'll try it out. I've always wanted to make a huge adventure game. By the way, is it possible to make 3D projects in Snap!?

Yea it is using pen, just like in normal scratch except probably easier

I made an rpg engine, feel free to use code from it Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
It’s in the first scene (that’s also where my pfp comes from)

Thanks! Looks like I have a lot of experimenting ahead of me.

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