Malbolge Emulator!

Malbolge is an Esoteric programming language designed in 1998 by Ben Olmstead. It is considered the hardest programming language in the entire world because of how difficult its language is.

It took 2 years for someone to finally be able to make a simple Hello World program, and even then it was 1,000,000 characters long and wasn't even deciphered by a human, but a Beam Search, a type of machine.

To this day, there has been only 5 programs programmed using Malbolge and they are so simple you could make those programs using Python in only 20 seconds or less. By simple, I don't mean the syntax. I mean in the programs.

There is a Hello World program, an "echo" program which is basically a program that takes a User's input and turns it into a string and then outputs it, and much more. All I know is that there are 5 programs.

Fear not! Because with my IQ that goes through the roof, I have made 100 programs using Malbolge! And so Malbolge, at last in 24 years, is becoming useful for once!

Here's the Emulator and there are some shared commands and programs in there: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Have fun! Or maybe not.

OTHER INFORMATION: This emulator took me 10 minutes to program because I'm a prodigy lol

Ummm... the project seems to be empty.

I just made more programs!

I think its just a prank

especially because there is literally no sprites.

"And why would you need it?" Malbolge is one of the programming language.

I'll reveal why I made this in a few minutes.

Malbolge looks like binary with letters and characters. Wow it’s esoteric.

You can make a hellos world program….
HTML 19 characters (not including !DOCTYPE and tag)
Hello World
Too lazy to do the tags that show.

LOLCODE 21 characters (not including HAI 1.2)
VISIBLE “Hello World”


It's because Malbolge is so hard that there's nothing! I mean, Malbolge's syntax is so hard to understand it's almost gibberish!

So it wouldn't make sense if I made Malbolge since I know nothing of it!