Making such a math visualization. Anyone?

Would anyone like to make an animation like this one (which I've found on website)?

In the project shown below I was playing with switch to costume pentrails to see if could be done.

that's a cool project

Sounds like what you want is Jens's animation library, with easing functions. I wouldn't do any stamping, just make 2n+1 new clones at each step.

PS Oh wait, never mind easing functions, just have the top n clones share the rotation center of the n+1st one (the pivot). Then you just use TURN and they both revolve and rotate perfectly.

Good that it seems a worthy challenge to you.

If you make this work, I am going to convince @bh somehow not to call it 'cute', but instead to call it 'great', 'fabulous', or (as the name of the website above) 'brilliant' (you can choose what you prefer to be called, ok).

I just don't know how to convince Brian to surrender to my great conspiration - now any ideas about that?

Thank you. This is a great idea. But I don't know how to make a clones' rotation center be at a particular XY?

untitled script pic

this sets the rotation center the the x and y on the stage (I made sure by moving a sprite and seeing the position of it's rotation center and it's the x and y coordinates on the stage)

@ego-lay_atman-bay thank you for reminding me about it. I totally forgot.

Yeah, that may work. But idk if it sets a clone's rotation XY, too; or only an 'ordinary' (i.e. non-clone/parent) sprite's rotation XY?

if it's a clone, then it sets the clone's rotation xy

I needed to make a custom block because the existing blocks for setting rotation center didn't work for me in this case.