Making new Math Blocks

Untitled script pic
New ^^ block. :-).

edit: ohhh its tetration.

Yeah, working on pentation and higher.

Isn't this kind of thing @polymations's expertise?

They don't have it patented! :~)

I know. It's just... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... surprising to see other users working on similar things.

All I'm doing is extending exponentiation, not the whole whatnot @polymations does.




ive actually done tetration before haha
ill quickly make it again and post the script

nvm i need to go to my next lesson
ill be back in ~1h

untitled script pic
untitled script pic (1)

Huh. Our tetration blocks report differently!

I dunno. Search for "platformer" on Scratch, for example.

Well, just searching up "platformer" won't get you EVERY platformer. Like my Scratch games. They're platformers, but you won't get them by searching up "platformer".

You're missing my point, which wasn't about the efficacy of search, but about the fact that more than one person has written one.

Still, I think BOTH of our points are correct.

why is this a predicate?

I made a mistake.

ok :)