Making custom button

I am new to this and I want to make a custom button that is like the when I am clicked control button but can be placed anywhere within the clock stack. how would I do this. If anyone could explain or point me to the direction of a video

You use the <mouse down?> and <touching [mouse-pointer] ?> blocks to determine if the user clicked on a sprite inside a loop. Here's how to do it.

wouldnt untitled script pic be easier?

Here's a demo project for buttons

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Actually, in some cases the clicked block is less easy. Most of the time a certain condition needs to be checked before the button is clicked so I just find

[scratchblocks]<<touching [mouse-pointer]>and <mouse down?>[/scratchblocks]

to be much easier. It's also better when you only check for the mouse in a certain part of a script.

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I'm sure it means something along the lines of "this could be run without delay"

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They're aware of that block, they just want to use it within a script, which you can't do with a hat block.