Making an Enemy AI in a 2.5D/3D Environment [ADVANCED]

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Yes, the game is in Scratch not Snap!, but the Snap! community is more advanced.

Game: VIMY, 1917; A 2.5/3D FPS WW1 story game in which you play as an allied soldier in the battle of VIMY Ridge.

Initial Statement, said by me (Earth) with the VIMY Development Team Programming Dept.:

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AI Enemy: in a 2.5/3D environment this may be hard; we would have to make complicated cloning scripts and systems for the AI surrounding the weapons and movement. It would be somewhat of a few set random spawn points in their designated area which would then a random amount of AI's spawning at each one, then programming the physics of the AI. This is all if they are moving AI's. If the AI are not to move you would have to make the weapons system a bit differently to make it a realistic chance. I say we do moving AI if possible as it provided better gameplay and experience.

TL:DR: too bad lazy read the paragraph on AI in a 2.5/3d environment in Scratch. We may also get help with the AI but I do not know from who, I suggest looking at previously made AI's in 3D or general AI's (2.5,2,1, D). I also believe I could find some help on a forum for Snap! Berkeley. If none works the Scratch forums may also provide some answers.

Idea on creation: We have a aiming system for the AI's and if the sight is aiming at the payer it choses a random number which decides if it shall shoot then another for the amount of rounds to shoot (1-3). It would then chose a random number and depending on the answer would decide if the bullet actually hits the player. Now for movement we would have to make some physics for the terrain and this would be more complicated. The easiest part will probably be the spawning as it may be 3-4 (best assumption) X:Y coordinates that would then a random number (1-2) would be chosen. If 2: A number of AI would be sent to 3 and 4, if 1: A number of AI would be sent to 1 and 2. This would make it so spawns may be different each round and so that it isnt the same amount of enemies. I do not exactly know if the player(s) will be moving around or stationary but if both we would have to program two types of Enemy AI: EnemyAI_1: A moving AI, can shoot, move, and is more advanced and therefore harder to program. EemyAI_2: A stationary AI that can shoot but not move around (IE a stationary Sniper) which would be an easier one.

Title: A lovely overview on making AI for VIMY.
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Help: How would we create a working and responsive 3/2.5D AI that would be able to shoot bullets, move around, not bug out, and that could also have a some sort of self thinking way of mind meaning it does not do the same thing every time.

Remember this would be in Scratch, if you need anymore information you an just ask.

VIMY Development Studio
3D Gun Testing Project (not the actual engine, just gun testing)
Outdated Trailer for VIMY
Main/Starter Menu

Yes this is a real game in Scratch not a stupid platformer.


Q: May I see the (Chapter 1 a/o 2) project?

Sadly I do not believe I am allowed to give access to the project(s) as for security purposes. I may be able to send screenshots or videos.

Q: Why do you say 2.5/3 D?

Well the game at places is in 2.5D and at others 3D, I do not know exactly what to refer to it as.

Q: What will the AI look like?

You can look at the VIMY Development Studio and scroll down or find anything with a grey (German) WW1 uniform, an example is here. We may also require friendly AI but I do not exactly know yet.

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Do you want an AI or an algorithm?
AI would take longer to make because you need to make the code, then train it (that could take a very long time)

just do ___ on a separate line

I'm back (but not for long)!
(Also yes I am leaving Snap. We can talk about this later but for now...)

Anyways, if you need an algorithm, (#ad warning) you can check out my algorithm for my Enemy AI Agent! (#ad over)

If you don't want an algorithm...well, I don't have an answer for that.

Well it will need to be combstsble (stroke) with a 3D environment and able to move.

Correction: ANOTHER stupid platformer.
Well Scratch is a kids website and kids love to steal stuff and repost them and such. So I guess Scratch isn't full of original projects.

Tell you what, I'm going to stay on Snap! for a few days to help you work on your 2.5D game.
I'm gonna code part of the AI and then I'm gonna code the engine for the game.

(Also NGL the Snap! forums (is) probably the worst place to post this because Scratch is less advanced in Snap!. Some of the stuff we'd do or we might do are probably hard to impossible to code in Scratch and...yeah.)

It’s not mine, I’m not even the lead.

Oh okay. You're just part of the dev team. Correct?

I’m opting for a management role.

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