Making AI smarter using NNpad

i basically want help for making AI smarter using NNpad from scisnap

NNpad is way complicated for me, it would be nice for someone to help me understand it, that way i can make a smarter AI, that is not dumb like the ai in my 'ai learning homework' project

Why don't you give it extra data to start with so it isn't making stupid guesses at the beginning? When you don't give it data it has to start from scratch and doesn't have any idea what it should say. Also, if you make all the answers random every time then it is impossible for the AI to learn from it since it's always changing.

Well, how do we do that?

You can give the "brains" values that are close to the answer instead of completely random values.

I think this bit fits the best.

thats why we need NNpad

but i dont know how to get a value from a network or whatever you call it

Ah guys, my computer crashed and I lost all of my NNPad work! GAAAH