Making a blur effect?

I need to make a blur effect, as simple as that.
Preferably a motion blur

(Yea I know it hasn’t been that long since my last post but I need more help)

Like this?

Let me try that

No it doesn’t work, I mean the blur effect like in the old scratch 2, I need to make motion blur and can’t quite figure out how to

Is this what you're after?

untitled script pic

It averages the last camera frames together, resulting in a blurry effect wherever there's been any motion.

I’m talking about blurring sprites

It used to be in scratch 1 but was hidden in 2 and entirely cut in 3

I did try using a system similar to the “hidden” confetti and comic effect but it didn’t work

It's rather ugly (I remember doing blur by rescaling with hyerblocks at some point, but can't find it), but here's a super understandable way:

untitled script pic


Reducing the size of a bitmap loses part of its info, so when you increase the size again, you're left with a blurry image.

Not too proud of this one :sweat_smile:

here's my shot at a very simple motion blur effect:

it averages the costume's pixels with a shifted ("rotated") copy of itself:

another use case for my current hobby horse:

it's quite fast due to hyperblocks, and it can be made a lot nicer by creating not just 2 copies, but a set of copies, especially if the "motion" shift is bigger:

Of course, this will also make it a lot slower, especially for bigger pictures and / or higher offsets.

Is there a way you could export it in a way I can drag it into snap?

Actually never mind I’ll just remake it myself

I’m not learning if it’s just straight up importing

Yea now it makes sense to me.

you can just download those 2 script pics of the custom blocks and drag them into Snap! to get the code. Actually, just the blur effect custom block script pic will do :slight_smile:

(but you're right: It's GREAT to build them yourself!)

It imported as an image for me but luckily it’s not all too complex

You have to first click on the picture in the forum to get the original full size version, then download that. (@bromagosa I wonder if we could hack the forum's download code so that when you ask to download a picture it automatically downloads the original?)

The problem is with the forum creating optimized versions of the images, that is what removes the metadata. There might be a setting to turn off image optimization, but idk.

Yeah I know that, but the point is, the forum still remembers the original picture, and shows it to you if you click on the reduced version. If you save that, it includes the original metadata. What I'm asking is if we could make the forum always download the original version without having to display it first. Should be pretty straightforward, providing the forum code is straightforward, which hardly any pro software is any more because of the slick user interfaces and constraints such as internationalization.

Um, when you right-click an image and click "save image as", the browser downloads the image that you right-clicked, not the forum. At least to my knowledge, there's no way to do what you might be thinking of. Adding a download button under each image will allow the forum to control what image the button downloads though.

Okay, adding a button would do. The button could even be labelled "download with actual script" or something.

Incidentally I recently coded my own ROTATE block, and it turns out to be faster on average, at least for large lists

on both of my systems:

iPad-Pro 2; low-end HP laptop

Programming tools SANDBOX script pic (40)

Programming tools SANDBOX script pic (39)

AND I vote in favor of @ego-lay_atman-bay's request (even though @bh apparently doesn't want to count votes) :smirk::

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