Make the offline editor executable

I don't actually know what category this should be in. That aside, I think the offline editor should be an executable file (for Windows, Mac and Linux). But keep the .html editor for those who have a device that does not support the executables, for those who want to modify Snap! more easily or just as an optional offline version.

If you want an exe - I'd suggest using Electron to package it up to do that.

That's what the Scratch people did for Scratch Desktop and there's a desktop version of Node-RED that is done like that as well.

It's not going to be something the Snap! team are going to be putting effort into so its a DIY project I'd think

PS - what's your issue with your current way of running Snap! offline?

I find it weird to use the offline editor in Chrome.

Well I run my local copy of Snap! in a local webserver so maybe that's a method you'd find less weird?

What's the best local webserver I can find?

I just run a very simple node.js one

How do I do that? I don't know how to code in NodeJS.

npx http-server

Does it run in full screen?

It starts a http server on localhost:8080, is that what you wanted?

How do I get it to only choose Snap!?

Prehaps I can turn it into an .exe file for you?

There is an old project of Snap-Cloud team

You can use with an empty project to package up an executable Snap!. (I've heard it doesn't work for some people in Linux but haven't looked into that personally.) That avoids the need for a localhost web server.

hmm, maybe nw.js?

I don't think such a file exists. ! nw.js is used in the turbowarp/forkphus packager to make projects to exe!!!

okay, but next time please explain exactly what you mean at first and don't get mad if people don't understand.

Linux support has been dropped. If you used this feature please let me know so that I can reconsider the decision.