Make some stuff with MQTT

What should we make using MQTT?
(will turn into collaboration post after a suggestion,you can join below)

  • d4s_over_dt4(MQTT logic,debugging)

You can make your parts and submit them here,and I will copy your parts into the program(because of this,no 2 people should work on the same part,and only I should make minor fixes or it gets cumbersome)

Well,I guess that snap isn't the right place to ask people for collaborations


No one ever ,ever collaborates...

I feel like the existence of a collaboration tag that is rather frequently used disproves that...

And if you want people to collaborate, you need to pitch something.

...with me,except 18001767679


(i can't help you with this particular one though,i am working on other busy stuff)

dude, what are you talking about?


ur bored right?

...yeah what should we make

take it literally

we are making stuff?

get started

so ummmmm
maybe a cloud game that has 2 teams and one team tries to make "stuff" and the other tries to destroy it?

considering the number of online people,its hard to even get 2 people to do that

ill do it on netsblox


yeah its hard