Make Snap! themes

I do not mean beyond the two themes skeuomorphic design (the default design) and flat design. What I meant is renaming primitives (and by extension, rename library blocks) to various things about a topic to create a joke atmosphere. I'm bored and it is inspired by some Scratch April Fools joke that made the site food-themed. You can also rename your own blocks.

I have a small food theme example
set condiment to [​]::pen //set pen color
squeeze condiment::pen //pen down
bite [pizza v]::pen // cut from
[Chef's booster v] <>::sensing //set turbo mode to

Come up with your own block naming ideas and share them in this topic!

What do you do for PEN UP? :~P

Was this pun intentional?

I think you're the only person I know with "skeuomorphic" in their speaking vocabulary!

Not intentional, I forgot to add a comma

10.0 will let you edit pallete blocks, is this what you mean?

Of course. But you can also create custom blocks that act as renamed versions of primitives.

I have more examples:

Minus should be _ after _ eaten. Imho.

But the whole idea of a clone as food is a little off. That's like eating your children! :~)

make a food of [] should be go to the store and buy []

or cook a new food from this recipe []


Should I laugh at this?

I would laugh :laughing:

You would laugh, or you would eat your children?

Laugh. :laughing:

Isn't skeuomorphic where something is designed to look like real life things, like Apple stuff before ~iOS 7?

(I take UI/UX design classes)

Yes, and that is kind of what the default snap theme looks like (or at least very minimal shading to look a bit 3d).

Specifically, the command blocks are supposed to look like Lego bricks. Snapping them together (no pun intended) is the metaphor for programming.