Make Snap! Player compatible with Snap 7

I'm working on an AI, and I want to share it but the Snap! player cannot load it, because I made it with Snap! Dev. (Snap! beta)
Snap Dev version:
Snap 7 beta

When we release 7.0, the site will support it, don't worry. But you can't share 7.0 projects now because the current official Snap! won't run those projects -- the whole idea of development is that we're adding new capabilities to the language! (If a new version is just bug fixes, we release it as soon as it's written, without a public testing period as dev.)

P.S. Yeah, we could teach the site to look inside the project to figure out which version to use, but then we'd have to undo that when 7.0 becomes the published version, and some new thing is in dev. Also, this particular release is a huge change with a corresponding change in the version number stored in the project; some releases don't change the save file format, so they're possible to attempt running in the old version. :~)

When does 7 launch?

Around Snap!Con which is 2 weeks from now.

We still hope for an official beta release at Snap!Con, but it won't be ready to go live, almost certainly. Maybe a week or two later.

But wait, you can always add &devVersion to the URL of a project page, and it'll load in the dev version, which is the v7 candidate.

I'm planning of embedding my project, and it gives that awful message.

by dev version, they mean the alpha of 7.0, not that.

sorry this is offtopic but i dont know where else to post about it, I saw in your bio it said

Snap! does support javascript, you just have to enable it in the settings.

The attack is not over???

There's not an active attack on Snap! or anything. It's just that they've made it so you have to go into the project settings and enable it each time for security purposes.

Their was one which is why they did this.

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