Make pen marks appear on top of sprite

I don't use the pen much but want to be able to write on top of another sprite when I click on it but not managing to do this

What am I missing (or will I have to make the white parts of my sprite costume be invisible)?

Pen is rendered at the stage and usually not in front of sprites. I don't think this is possible without using JS code, but you can use Text Costumes if you need text to render in front of stage.

one thing you can try instead is stamping the sprite on the stage and then draw with the pen (don't forget to hide the sprite who stamped itself

Use paste on

Futoshiki script pic


(seems like a cool game, just tried it online)

That explains things :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone :slight_smile:

I'm going to change my approach and use a clone per square (or just one big costume) and just change their costumes and see how that goes

what does 1p-7p mean in the game?

"paste on" doesn't solve your problem ?

That was my notation for pencil marks - like sudoku - you might pencil in some possible values before replacing them with your proper guess.

oh, i totally understand

I've decided that not to use a pen approach because of the difficulty in erasing them when you change your mind

Just don't make mistakes! haha

There is a slightly underrated feature of the costume loader combined with the SVG

That's a really good find :slight_smile:

I love Futoshiki! But I can't play it online; it takes too much erasing. I print them out on dead trees.

wait you could actually do that?

I think your primitive block has changed to this

I can not find the encode URI block. Can you show me where I can find that?

Embedded script does not import for you?
EncodeURI is a Dev Mode block. I'm not sure why - it's a fundamental companion to an URL block.

Found dev mode and forgot I got drag and drop your blocks. :grin: It's working.