Make a list of lists without table

Every time I try to add a list to a list, it adds a table instead of a normal list.

I have tried rearranging the lists and adding a variable list instead of the list[] block.

Please help!

P.S. I do not know how to add blocks to forum messages, so please excuse me poor block formatting

What do you mean by "table"? What I think your trying to say is that when you add a list to a list, the list is shown as a table. If so, that's normal; you might have more than 100 items on a list. If you are okay with only seeing the first 100 items of a list, right-click the variable watcher with the list on it and click "List View."

Ok, thanks, but I have a question.
Is it possible to programmatically set it to list view?

Not that I know of, sorry.

Aw, okay
Thank you

No problem!

To add pictures of the blocks, just right-click a svrupt, then click script pic. This will then download a picture of the script. To add it to a forum post, just drag and drop the image into the exit area for a post.

I think the OP's problem about pictures isn't how to make one; it's that he's hardly read anything on the forum and so it's not letting him insert pictures. You have to read some number of hours and post some number of times before you can insert pictures.

Without knowing why you want this, I'm not sure whether the following will be helpful, but maybe:

If you shift-click the settings (gear) menu icon, almost at the bottom of the third clump of settings (as separated by horizontal lines) you'll find a red item "Table support" with a checkbox that starts out checked. Uncheck it, and you won't see any table views.

Thank you, but is it possible to programmatically set disable table support?
Also, I want this because I'm working a fake filesystem/structure-type thing for my OS that I am also developing in Snap*!*

No, sorry. There's a "getters and setters" library that lets you set the options in the Settings menu, but it doesn't include the hidden ones (the ones you see only when you shift-click on the gear icon) because those are either experimental or deprecated, so projects shouldn't depend on them.

Ah, I see.
Off-topic question: Does the Snap*!* forums have some form/port of the ScratchBlocks plugin, like in the Scratch forums?
I was wondering because I think it'd be a bit much to take a picture of each block you want to put in the forums

Also, is there an API of sorts that will allow me to make my own extension that will be able to turn off/on hidden settings?

If you were wondering why I don't want to use table view, it is because, in my experience using Snap*!*, table view sometimes does not show contents of lists inside a table row/column, and I need it to show contents of lists inside lists inside lists, etc.
For more information, here's a VERY basic example for my OS's filestructure/system:
In table view, that would be like this:
And, in my opinion, that would be sort of hard to read

Yes, just put scratchblocks inside [scratchblocks] tags, although you may need to do a bit more to get it to work correctly, just search scratchblocks on the forum.

The biggest reason to use script pics over scratchblocks is because you can now drag and drop them into snap to get the blocks in the image. It also looks nicer, plus scratchblocks doesn't support everything snap has to offer.

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