Lunar OS (Part 1)

can i join? i am good at making OS projects in scratch so i can do it good on snap! (:snap:)
let me try using snapinator to convert my OS example from my scratch account

Sure, also what do you think this OS should be named?

hmm, if it can be all dark mode (might be good).. we can name it "lunar OS"!
if we can make the OS name sound more modern, lets name it "metro OS" i still might be thinking more OS names

my idea of the look is like both bars from windows (taskbar) and macOS (menubar) can be nice!
i am thinking to design the OS logo

I like "lunar OS".

try this so you can have some useful stuff like battery percentage or others
(whoops i did the wrong link)
here is the right link

Can I help make the UI?

hmm, sure
can you also design the logo of the OS?

Sure, thinking of a crescent Moon

I will work on backgrounds

make the logo 70 x 70 pixels

i have an idea for the launcher icon

what is launcher?(I don't use mac)

I will make app icons

Why specifically that?

i will make the icon of some browsers

il make icons

Basically just the Windows Start Menu

Here is a simple design I made:

Here is the launcher button:

Mouse Hovering:

Mouse not hovering: