Lost leaves

I try to create my own vee.
I have some lost leaves sometimes, I don't understand why.
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It’s annoying because this is the subject I chose for this contest:

Would anyone be so kind as to look at my code?26

Despite all I get very beautiful plants...


I just noticed that the clear block doesn't clear the scene sometimes.
Some leaves stay alone on the scene...

What if it’s a bug?

Moreover, I don't understand why the stamp block doesn't push systematically the stamp to the front layer.

Hi Nathalie, what a wonderful version of VEE!
What happens is that sometimes not all shapes are used when you run VEE, so the "spare" shapes will stay at the position they were last in, which makes them appear "unconnected".

What I did to fix it was to hide every shape when the green flag is pressed. Then everything works great!

Oh, and this will also fix all the other problems you encounter, like the layering etc. :slight_smile:

Does it work for you?

Oh ! Thank you Jens, I totally understand what happend.
Now, I do not have lost leaves anymore. But I still have problem with the layers.

Even if I add go to front layer

what's the layer problem exactly, Nathalie? When the sprite returns after having stamped a leaf, it will draw over the stamped leaf. Is that the issue? If you want to avoid that you can raise the pen up whenever the sprite goes back, but then you have to also think about putting the pen down again when going forward. That would solve the layering issue easily. Does that work for you?

Hi, Nathalie.

The lines get drawn over the leaves because you're drawing while walking back after stamping them.


Oh, I see Jens and I replied at the same time :slight_smile:

It's very wonderfull now !!! Thank you :wink:

Hi everybody,
I come back to you because my problem now is to be able to draw back a specific random tree, using the shapes it utilizes to be drawn. I've been thinking about it, trying a lot of different codes, but I can't reproduce the initial tree. At each time, it gives me back a recursive tree that never stops. Of course because I uses a call of vee wich is recursive. I tried to replace vee by a non recursive block but it doesn't work.

Here is my modified project.

And I'm asking you for a thought traiI or any link I have to study to be able to go through with my idea...

Many thanks.

Moreover, why those booleen don't work ? I guess it’s a lot less simple than that...
Then, how can I compare two blocks ? I need this notion to walk my tree.

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Hello !
Finally I succeeded (how to draw a fractal tree using its saved code...).
Here is my script. I had to use booleens.

Here is a code of a random fractal tree, and the tree the script restitutes.

Here is my project :