LonzoShell is a simple Terminal made in Snap!
(Now repurposed as GNU Shell simulator by joecooldoo)

As commands grow and grow... LonzoShell might be able to emulate 16-bit Windows applications.

Try LonzoShell (BETA):

Type help for command help, cls to clear the screen.

Give more feedback, bug reports and commands to improve LonzoShell!

(Simulating batch files from Command Prompt are coming soon!)

Not lonzoy though /j
(i mean that alonzo would be dissappointed at the lack of lambdae)

It's a text shell. Sadly i can't add Alonzo... But i can if i release my OS soon.

I meant alonzo church,and I didn't expect a shell to have lambda calculus anyways(only scheme,snap and haskell fully deserve that :~P)if it was not called lonzo shell

This Lonzo thing is off topic ya know? Sorry to break it... But the main thing i want people to reply is feedback, bug reports, optimization tips, and new commands i will surely add. If you have time, you can give me some feedback on the project if you want! Though i've never heard of that church before :sweat:

Alonzo Church + Snap

The Snap mascot, Alonzo (looks like Gobo but has Lambda-looking hair) is named after Alonzo Church (the mathematician).

This could work!

Uh...Maybe?But I still think that there aren't any lambda or grey rings that you could program.

what do you mean?

Can you give me an idea or a way of how to implement this? I don't know much about these blocks.

Whoa,boy,that's ancient

Please use the uptodate version that doesn't use JS

I couldn't find the OS.

what OS?

oops... i forgot that importing the blocks replaces every one of my already imported blocks... hol up

missing autorun.inf

delete "A:" and start the project twice.

Typing in it is very slow for me...
And it takes a while to clear the screen as well.
And the screen doesn't scroll when the text goes off-screen...

I am excited to see batch script simulation, though.

This project reminds me of my GNU Bash project with three outstanding commands.

Here it is if you want to see it

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

that is correct

I might be able to fix these bugs before March 2.