Long strings of text in lists

I need to be able to show a (somewhat) long string of text in my program so that the user can copy and paste it somewhere else. So far I know that you can't select and copy variables or tables (arrays), but you can select and copy normal lists, but the list item gets cut off with an ellipsis at the end... how would I get around this?

I don't know why...

when you export a string: it's ok

When you export a very long str as a list: 500 character max !
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Idk if it should be considerated as a bug: bh will tell us (i think it's a bug or a limitation)...

This is my suggestion: for now, store the value as a string (not a list), show the variable watcher, right-click on this variable watcher and select export...

Yes but I need the user of the project to be able to and I think you can only export when you're in the editor.

Yeah, you should be in the editor...

I'm in the editor when I'm coding it but I want the person using it to be able to copy the text on the main page without opening the editor.

It's not a bug, but a feature. It makes sure snap doesn't lag like crazy when trying to display a large string, just like how lists can only show the first 100 items (although you can see the other items by switching to table view, or clicking on the length). I do feel like there should be a non-js solution to this problem.

Pretty sure you can export lists on the community site

I already tried, it doesn't work

But apparently you can display a huge string if it isn't in a list.

"Limitation" is a good word for this. Personally I could live with such a limitation when displaying the text, but not for exporting. That has to be unlimited. Imho.

I mean, I'm pretty sure it's a limitation to not lag, because the text is editable in a list. If you put a very large string in an input, you'd see that it lags a whole lot.

I do agree that it should be unlimited, or at least a setting that you can change with code.

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