Long running Snap! tabs might get closed

Just seen this article

It says chrome will close "unused" tabs in order to save memory. The tab will still be visible but its only a placeholder - the site behind the tab will get closed and re-opened when you click on a tab

I already battle with browsers/OSes that want to put things to sleep so I feel this might cause issues for long running Snap! browser tabs - we'll have to see but something to watch out for

FYI - If I want a Snap! project to run 24/7 - I run them in their own browser instance (e.g just 1 tab) on a Linux machine

E.g, I have a project that uses MQTT to monitor cheerlights and also forwards it onwards to a NodeRED flow that makes my Alexa speak out everytime it changes

To avoid any issues while developing projects - make sure you save often! :slight_smile:

you'd likely be better off using firefox

I don't use Chrome (except for testing) myself but lots of people do - especially the Snappers on school Chromebooks

yeah we cant change our browser

i do vc bedwars on a hypixel clone on weekend nights


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