Long Input Dialog Bug When Editing Title Text

In a custom block, I made a Title text "something2". Then the first quote. Then I click "Command (C-shaped), and then second quote.

Usually I'm not look on this bug... I think Snap! default marks option 'title text'

Do you have the "long form input dialog" option checked?

Yes. It seems to only occur with that option toggled on.

It does happen, but when you press ok, and you have an input type selected, it changed to an input.

I know, that's why I said

I'm not sure this counts as a bug. If you assign a type to something, you're asking for it to be an input!

That's not the bug. The bug is that the long input dialog shows up even if whatever part of a block you're editing is a Title text.

Not a bug. You might decide you consider it a misfeature, but I made Jens add this feature for power users (i.e., for myself :~) ) who aren't going to freak out because they see a long form dialog. Maybe what you want to do is precisely turn some title text into an input; some people type

for i = start to end action

into the initial make-a-block dialog and then turn most of those words into inputs. (And yes, I know about the % shortcut.)

Another way to think about it: It's only for the sake of newbies that we have the short form input dialog.

I use that all the time. Which reminds me I'd like a way to state the type of an input when making the block spec.

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about that. I mean, yes, since we already have those type hint glyphs in the formal parameters, it'd be pretty natural to have %foo:# for numeric inputs, or %bar:â‹® for list inputs, etc. On the other hand, in-band signalling (as they say at the phone company) is asking for trouble, like our existing bug about trying to put an apostrophe in title text, and really I'd just as soon take out the % thing altogether.