I have been seeing some LOLCODE projects on other websites and am wondering what it is, I looked it up and it kind of seems like a joke. Is it really a programming language? I’m kind of interested in it and if the fundamentals could be explained to me or if you know any free learning websites for it, please say so.

I believe this is the correct category.

It definitely is a programming language, albeit a joke one.

I don't understand much, but it might be on that esoteric programming language wiki.

I think just #compsci is fine, as this is a CS topic.

Edit: Esolang, the esoteric programming languages wiki

Edit 2: LOLCODE - Esolang


LOLCODE Tutorial (text) - Replit I’m using this to learn it so far.

And LOLCODE - Esolang

LOLCODE is a damn easy coding language to learn. I’ve already made a calculator! Also

LOLCODE is considered more WeirdLangs than esoteric.